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I'm Flo Chui

I’m a UX/UI designer based in San Francisco, CA. I’m originally from Hong Kong and will forever talk about the superiority of Dim Sum and Egg tart :) I like  creativity and make things easier and useful.

I am a Product Designer in UI UX Design, User Research and Design Strategy and with a background in Service Design.

My main focus lies on digital transformation and end to end user experience.  I am passionate about putting design thinking into practice in real-world projects and making an impact on society through Human-centered design approach. I enjoy discovering user needs, understanding the relationships among stakeholders and creating a cohesive experience that combines the problem-solving aspect of design with deep empathy for the user.

Before I discovered the UX/UI design industry, I was a Journalist for 4 years and worked for a local news station. The most memorable stories I’ve covered are Napa fire 2018, Glory Shooting, Warriors victory parade etc. Although being a mutli-media journalist was a great challenge, I obtained valuable experiences by reporting different stories. I notice my passion of being an UX designer has always been in my mind.

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